• 2021/1/19
    for students
    [For prospective students] The schedule of our lab-tour (local, ZOOM) has been decided. Click here for details.
  • 2021/1/14
    for students
    [For prospective students] ZOOM orientation by laboratories in Uji campus (Institute for Chemical Research and Institute of Advanced Energy) will be held. Click here for details.
  • 2021/1/13
    Mr. Son, researcher in our laboratory and director of NMR Co., Ltd., was featured in Rakutai Shinpo.


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"Development of synthetic chemistry that enables
advanced utilization of unused chemical resources"

The motivation and ultimate purpose of our research is the "Development of industrially important and scientifically interesting organic synthetic reactions and contributing to the realization of a better world."

To achieve this goal, we aim to develop new catalysts and new substances that can contribute to the solution to the most relevant resource and energy challenges. We are also striving to discover, design, and realize organic molecule conversion reactions that are currently impossible.

Currently, 15 faculty members / researchers and 8 graduate students / research students / undergraduate students are engaged in research in this group.

Precision Iron Catalysis
Development of catalytic reactions that utilize earth-abundant metal elements such as iron, and synthesis of bioactive substances and electronic material compounds using these reactions.

Supramolecular/Superatomic Catalysis
Creation of functional metal complex catalysts and functional metal nanoparticles / cluster catalysts based on the self-assembly of amino acids and peptides.

Woody Biomass Transformation
Development of new reactions for the direct conversion of woody biomass, which is a largely unexplored, abundant, and renewable carbon resource.

Click here for a video introducing the laboratory at Uji Campus Open 2020!


“Toward the best synthesis for Better Society”
We will work towards the goal of better and more sustainable society through the exploration of new methods for the synthesis of organic molecules from renewable sources, which will serve as the building blocks of a greener chemical industry.
While pursuing chemical studies, we will strive to become better scientists, to tackle the big issues of our generation, come up with new ideas and challenge the old ones.


1. Precision Iron Catalysis

2. Supramolecular/Superatomic Catalysis

3. Wood Molecular Transformation